AMM's Australia Programme Coordinator

Jacqui Bishop

About Me!

I made the really exciting move to Perth WA in February this year with my  family, and therefore  I am not only new to Alzheimer’s Australia, but to Australia  itself!   Up until now I have always lived in the UK. I graduated from University in 2000 with a First Class Honours Degree in Occupational Therapy and since this have spent the last 12 years working within a variety of exciting and challenging settings.  Having gained experience within many departments, including Elderly Mental Health, Elderly Rehabilitation, & Acute Medical Services, I then spent 5 years developing the very new Occupational Therapy Service to Accident & Emergency, and the Medical Assessment Unit.  I am really enthusiastic and have always loved my job, always believing that my clients and their safety remain paramount in my treatment plans.   I am very excited to be in this new role, fully appreciating the benefit that this new and innovative method can bring to many clients and their families.

There is nothing I love more than spending time with my Husband and Daughter.  We moved to Perth to experience the lovely climate and a real outdoor lifestyle, and so far we have not been disappointed.  We all love animals and are particularly fond of dogs.  We also love the coastline and spending time at the beach, so we are definitely living in the right place!

About the Ashby Memory Method!

The Ashby Memory Method is a really exciting innovative programme that focuses on “exercising the brain” and is used with  clients with a diagnosis of dementia.  It is neither a cure,  nor prevention but  is the best structured programme that I have ever seen that focuses completely on the client and their own life experiences and interests.  Staff and clients that took part in the Pilot Study have nothing but good things to tell me about their experiences with this programme.  I have dealt with many of the traumas that this awful disease can cause and therefore feel very passionate about being a part of this project.  It is non-invasive and very enjoyable, so let’s spread the word and get as many clients using this programme as possible so that we can all rest assured that we are striving for a better quality of life for our clients and carers.