Residential Care Providers - Dementia Intervention Program

Health care practitioners Our extensive experience working with senior residential operations has given us valuable insight into many of the most significant issues facing residential service operators today. Revenue generation, overhead costs, cash flow and maintaining competitive advantage in a rapidly growing field are the absolute top of mind areas we most often hear about. Implementing the AMM program today can help your residential operations thrive in today’s ultra-competitive market.

Increase Revenue - By adding value added programs. Specialist early dementia programs offer additional revenue potential without additional overhead or infrastructure expense. Growing revenue usually means adding more space – while adding AMM not only benefits residents, it also increases your revenue - a win/win for residential operators and residents.

Reduce CostsResidents with early dementia symptoms increase staff burden and stress resulting in increased staff turnover. Staff burnout and turnover are often caused by increasing workloads resulting from unrecognized early dementia symptoms. Your staff experience up to 40% more stress and workload when a resident begins to develop Alzheimer’s symptoms. Non-invasive therapy helps slow emerging dementia symptoms; better for your residents, lower staff turnover for you.

Maintain or Improve Cash Flow - Delay transitions away from residential living. Declining levels of independence are the #1 reason for transition to higher levels of care. Maintain maximum occupancy by keeping the residents you already have, longer. Worsening Alzheimer’s symptoms usually means transition to more formal care which translates to loss of a valued resident. While these transitions may be inevitable it’s just good business to manage resident’s emerging dementia symptoms better for longer; which is exactly what you can expect by implementing the AMM program in all of your residential facilities.

Create Competitive Advantage - Seniors worry about developing dementia. Seniors and their families look for programs and services that will allow them to “age in place” for as long as possible. Implementing a recognized dementia intervention program gives you a powerful competitive advantage. A recent institute sponsored survey revealed that virtually all residential care chains are either developing an in-house cognitive care program or were already using the AMM program. It has never been easier to implement our cognitive care package while staying ahead of your competitors. It is as easy as calling our toll free number to begin the AMM certification process today!

The AMM (Ashby Memory Method) program is a certified dementia intervention program designed to improve early to moderately severe emerging dementia related symptoms. The program is covered under MEDICARE benefits (some conditions apply) or can be offered on a private payer basis. Complete training, certification and marketing packages (including license) are available.