Why AMM?

Some change in memory is normal as we grow older, but the symptoms of Alzheimer´s disease are more than simple lapses in memory.Alzheimer's and Dementia People with Alzheimer´s experience problems with learning new information, communicating, thinking and reasoning. These problems become severe enough to have a significant impact on the person´s activities of daily living, their social activities and family life.

AMM is a therapeutic program for anyone already experiencing memory loss wanting to actively fight the decline associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Because it is a completely non-invasive drug free program, there are none of the often dangerous side effects associated with taking additional medications. Because there is no clear line between normal age–related changes and the warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute recommends that people diagnosed with dementia and their families should consider starting AMM as early as possible after diagnosis.