AMM Providers

Health care practitioners AMM Providers come from a variety of medical and non-medical backgrounds. All are committed to providing exceptional professional services to persons affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Health care practitioners, front-line home care staff, support workers and activity program directors are among the growing number of professionals using the AMM program. AMM membership is available for individual practitioners and for larger organizations with multiple certified providers.

The AMM membership package includes all training manuals; password protected on-line training access and a variety of associated print materials including marketing brochures, templates and education information materials. We provide full training & support. Our program development team works with you to implement AMM into your care practice or professional services offering.


Why the AMM Alzheimer’s Program Is a Win/Win for Senior Care Business

  1. Growing Market – The senior population your care business serves are also those at greatest risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, and dementia. And the more elderly the senior age demographic becomes, the more likely dementia and Alzheimer’s is to be diagnosed. This is making Alzheimer’s care the fastest growing segment of senior care today.
  2. Proven System – Complete Training and Implementation System includes certification, marketing materials, on-going support and the latest updates from experienced AMM Members worldwide.
  3. Longer Client Retention – AMM helps clients remain at home up to two years longer. Maintaining connection with family and familiar surroundings is the most important reason families start the AMM program.

Training & Certification

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