Ashby Memory Method Program


" We have a stroke client currently using the program. Her first MMSE score was a 20 and her last one after the First 8 Weeks was a 24! "

Shared by: Anonymous
Date: 22 September, 2010

" My Father tells me he enjoys meeting with you very much. He considers himself "being interviewed" and is somewhat confused as to what exactly this is all for. I have explained to him that this is brain exercise for his memory and he seems quite satisfied with that explanation. He knows you are recording information and keeps on asking if you are writing a book. When I tell him it is a book about his life, he is quite tickled and laughs with delight. My impression is that although his understanding is limited as to the real intent of AMM, he is very pleased at receiving this kind of attention. "

Shared by: J H
Calgary Date: 21 July, 2010

" Mrs. H has just blossomed since we started. She is able to focus more, wants to participate, and has a great time. Mrs. H related to me that I am fun to be around, and likes how we all laugh so much. Yesterday, when we all were learning about the origins of cats, Mrs. H's concentration level was amazing. Many times, she was able to give the answer first. Keep in mind, I was reading the information; she did not look at the clue, but got the answer. As we do these modules I ask questions, which leads to reminiscing, and their insight. "

Shared by: A K
Date: 15 July, 2010

" Mr. K. has really opened up. He laughs a lot, and enjoys discussing articles we read in the paper. Mrs. K loves to dance, and when she asks Mr. K, now he agrees. Mrs. K says has he hasn't done that in a long time. "

Shared by: Carrie
Date: 25 May, 2010

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