Ashby Memory Method Program


" Our care company, Signature Care has been using the AMM program for several years now. It has been a blessing for so many of our dementia and brain injury clients. Our caregivers notice the way the program seems to help and the families we work with tell us that they see a big difference in their loved ones! "

Shared by: Sue B.
Date: 06 May, 2010

" I wanted to give you some very positive news about my father. He scored 23 again on his test, without the Doctor (cognitive specialist) knowing anything about the work he is doing with you. When the Doctor came in to see me, I told him about your work and he is extremely interested in knowing more about it and meeting you. "

Shared by: J H
Date: 30 November, 2009

" We've noticed a big difference, and so has our caregiver. Mrs. P shows more interest in her daily routine, and in conversation. With the election coming up, we've been talking politics again. "

Shared by: Shane E
Date: 06 October, 2009

" My Dad laughs more often, and he really enjoys our conversations. He still has issues, but he's much less anxious... and much more my Dad. "

Shared by: Joan
Date: 03 August, 2009

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