Ashby Memory Method Program


" We now have 8 clients working on the program. I was contacted by a woman who had worked as the support facilitator for the Alzheimer's Resource Centre for 8.5 years, she wanted to work for our company and has come on board as our "Brain Trainer". She can't get over our approach and dedication to Dementia care and is our own advertising vehicle! We are reaching a whole new market as we also promote it to people who want to maintain a healthy brain. I have had Dr's look at it, Alzheimer Drug Reps look at it and all KNOW this is a fabulous program. Our first client could not or did not have the confidence to perform a mini-mental exam a month ago, let alone know the date, where she was, etc. 6 weeks ago, yesterday she knew the date, location and was able to perform the mini-mental with confidence! These brains are not dead, but often not utilized and this program does that, it trains the brain, we listen and give these people a time to contribute and learn! "

Shared by: K
Date: 25 March, 2009

" Mrs. M's confidence has soared since starting AMM. After enjoying our session the other day, she said "I'm not as dumb as I thought I was. I love doing these exercises. "

Shared by: Julie
Date: 26 February, 2009

" I have seen Mom celebrate and talk about things that were important in her life, aside from family. But the best gift of all is when Mom said "I don't feel lost anymore" "

Shared by: Holly M
Date: 13 November, 2008

" M's confidence and ability are increasing regarding the comprehensive and word finds. She was able to do the comprehensive with only a couple of hints from me. On two or three instances, I covered the possible answers, and M was able to answer without looking. The word find was challenging for M (especially the backward answers) however, with only a few hints, she successfully completed the exercise. On completion, I asked M how she felt, words poured out, 'I am not as dumb as I thought I was, I didn't know I was so smart, my mother always told me I was stupid, I guess I am not, I love doing these exercises!' "

Shared by: K A
Date: 14 June, 2008

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